Kvarner newsletter / no 30

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Rijeka Photo Festival for fans of photography

Fans of photography, amateur photographers, professionals, and all those yet to become so, are invited to visit Rijeka this summer. From mid-June to the end of August, the town will play host to a new event, organised in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art.

The town of Rijeka has now got a new summer event during which the town inhabitants and visitors can combine work and pleasure. We are talking about the attractive Photo Festival, which was started in mid-June, and will run until the end of August.
The festival is the result of an initiative by Helena Srakočić, owner of a gallery in London. In collaboration with Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, she designed the festival that will present modern trends in international photography and works by some prominent photographers, and give the visitors the chance to participate in a series of educational programmes aimed at learning and improving photography techniques.
The festival will include four large exhibitions. The first one, which will mark the opening the Rijeka Photo Festival, will present the collection of the Marino Cettina gallery from Umag, which includes works by prominent Croatian and international artists.
Among other exhibitions, the most attractive will probably be the one presenting the works by the legendary photographer Lee Miller, who entered the world of photography as a high fashion model working in the studio of Man Ray, where she got acquainted with the surrealist movement. She became famous for the portraits of her friends and the photographs that she made as a correspondent of the U.S. Army during World War Two.
The Town of Rijeka Museum also takes part in the festival with the exhibition entitled "Rijeka's photographers 1950-1980", which presents a selection of works by photographers mainly from the Rijeka Photo Club.
A special guest of the festival will be Marcus Doyle, Britain's master of night photography. He will share his experience with interested participants of the workshop that is scheduled for the 9th and 10th of July. This renowned artist is the author of a series of urban landscapes showing "scars" in the environment resulting from human activities. Doyle dedicated his work to travelling around the world and making photographs of such moments and details. One of his most distinctive specialities is night photography, which reveals a world of a specific atmosphere. He achieves this by using a large format camera and by patiently waiting for the right moment and the right light, which in the end give his photographs timeless quality.
The educational programme within the Rijeka Photo Festival will also include a two-day seminar by Michael Diemar, photography consultant, gallery owner, writer and critic, who will speak about various aspects of photography from its beginning in 1839 until today.