Kvarner newsletter / no 30

Summer on the historic roads of Lujzijana and Karolina
The history of these once important royal roads

"Summer on the roads of Lujzijana and Karolina" – a cultural event that is dedicated to the once important imperial and royal roads leading through the Gorski kotar area to the coast –started in mid-June at various locations along the respective roads. After a series of programmes in July, the event will come to an end with an invitation to visitors to come again next year.

The roads locally known as Lujzijana and Karolina, once particularly important roads used by caravans and aristocracy to travel across the areas that today belong to the counties of Karlovac and Primorje-Gorski kotar, are the venues of a new cultural and historical event that was started several years ago. The event entitled Summer on Lujzijana and Karolina is part of the Lujzijana and Karolina in the network of European cultural and tourist routes project. It is organised by the Lujzijana Delnice association in collaboration with numerous tourism institutions.
The first event was organised in 2005 to mark the 200th anniversary of the construction of a part of the Lujzijana road between Rijeka and Delnice in a total length of 135 km. This year, the event takes place for the sixth time, and includes several new programmes.
Most programmes already took place in June, and the grand finale on the 4th of July will include the 2nd Lujzijana bike tour from Delnice via Brod Moravice, Novigrad na Dobri, Bosiljevo, Prilišće, Stativ to Karlovac. In each of the mentioned places, the participants will be welcomed by local inhabitants who will organise a series of interesting events. A valuable archaeological site – the castle – will be presented in Novigrad na Dobri. The event will also include presentation of new interpretation boards and sampling of local specialities.
The closing ceremony will take place on the 25th of July with the celebration of the feast day of St. Mary Magdalene in Prilišće, when all the participants will be invited to take part in the next year's event, when the historic roads will again be the venues for telling stories from the past. The event includes numerous interesting programmes: educational workshops, learning about the historic heritage of the area, actors playing the roles of historic personalities, attractive staging of a wedding from the era of the noble families of Zrinski and Frankopan, and the historic Lujzijana fair with the presentation of old customs. If we add to this a street musicians festival, hound show, visit to some local caves, ethno-workshops, archery tournament, performance of Lippizaner horses, promenades with ladies and gentlemen dressed in historic costumes… we believe that this is the best invitation to join this interesting event!