Kvarner newsletter / no 30

Invitation from Bakar
Visit the Margaretino leto festival

From mid-June to the 8th of August, the waterfront in Bakar, a traditional meeting place in this small Kvarner seaside town, will host a variety of interesting events within the Margaretino leto summer festival.

The presentation of a movie about the previous Margaretino leto summer festivals marked the beginning of another eventful summer in Bakar. In the period between the 17th of June and the 8th of August, this town will offer its visitors plenty of interesting events: sports, entertainment, folklore, theatrical performances, concerts, comedies, exhibitions, lectures, public festivals.
Some of the events are connected to holiday packages offered by the Hotel Jadran, Bakar's only hotel.
The organisers invite all the interested visitors to join the events on the Bakar waterfront, locally known as Žal ribara, and other locations throughout the town and its surroundings. On the 2nd of July, Zijah Sokolović, famous actor from Sarajevo, will perform the comedy entitled "Međuigre 0-24". On the next day, there will be painting and ceramics workshops and a small children's festival. This will be followed by a series of interesting programmes: attractive competition in a new sport discipline called foot tennis, lectures about the town's archaeological heritage, an all-day sailing regatta, and a comedy entitled "No Laughing". The programme to mark the Day of the Town of Bakar on the 10th of July will include various events: presentation of local customs, opening of the big Margaretin Fair, festival of old town guards from all over Croatia, free boat ride, concert, fireworks, and a reconstruction of a historical sea battle.
The programme will also include concerts with classical music and klape vocal groups, the big Bakar Night Festival with concerts by popular artists on the 17th of July, and the concert by the famous Klapa Maslina one week later.