Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Crikvenica Anniversary
120 years of tourism

Crikvenica, a renowned holiday resort in Kvarner, this year celebrates an important anniversary – 120 years of tourism in the town and its surroundings – through a series of festive events and entertainment programmes.

120 years ago, Crikvenica began to transform itself from a small fishing village into a holiday resort that continues to attract visitors from Croatia and abroad by offering a variety of services and attractions – from programmes aimed at large groups of tourists, to specialised programmes of sport, science and health tourism.

Initial celebrations took place at the end of January, and a more dynamic and varied programme will continue in the months to follow, including a variety of cultural, sport and entertainment events and gastronomic competitions.
The beginnings of tourism in Crikvenica are associated with the development of health tourism and the construction of the first two luxury hotels – Therapia and Miramare. In addition, the construction of the first public baths in 1888 was the first significant step for the further development of tourism in Crikvenica, an economic sector that was until then completely unknown in the region, traditionally oriented toward fishing. Soon after opening the first public baths, Crikvenica became very popular because of its favourable position, beneficial climate and potential for the development of health tourism. This led to the opening of further baths, which resulted in Crikvenica becoming a recognised climatic health resort. Crikvenica is today known for the quality of tourist services offered and beautiful, well-tended beaches, which are attested by Blue Flags, a worldwide symbol of cleanliness and attractiveness, that flutter on six of Crikvenica’s beaches. But there is more: shortly before entering the year in which Crikvenica celebrates 120 years of tourism, its main public beach was awarded the title of Best Beach on the Adriatic in 2007 by the Croatian National Tourist Board.
The diversity of the Crikvenica Riviera is revealed in its interesting hinterlands, beneficial coastal climate, numerous promenades and parks, healthy way of life, opportunities for active holidays as well as excellent conditions for sports, distinctive gastronomic specialities, rich cultural heritage and numerous modern attractions – all of which have continued to attract visitors for the past 120 years.
Recent attractions include the discovery of evidence of an antique ceramic workshop that existed more than 2000 years ago, which has become one more reason for visiting this history-rich area. In addition, an interesting archaeological site in Crikvenica and a palaeontological site in nearby Dramalj have given rise to the idea for the Museum of Crikvenica, which will soon be opened and will serve as the basis for the development of further similar attractions. One of these will be a new cultural event – Crikvenica’s Festival of Antiquity, celebrating the 2000-year-long history of the town.