Kvarner newsletter / no 30

Lošinjska plovidba – Turizam d.o.o. shipping and tourism company
Significant investment for a better future

The Lošinjska plovidba – Turizam d.o.o shipping and tourism company from Mali Lošinj has invested significantly in improving its two campsites in Nerezine: AC Lopari and AC Rapoća. Further investments also include the elaboration of the development plan for the Y/C Marina in Mali Lošinj, and its refurbishment.

This year, two campsites located in Nerezine, in the north-eastern part of the island of Lošinj, are ready to welcome visitors with a freshly refurbished appearance and sanitary facilities. According to the Lošinjska plovidba – Turizam Company, which manages the two campsites AC Lopari and AC Rapoča in Nerezin and the Y/C Marina (part of the Mali Lošinj harbour), the investments should be continued in the next years.
The investments were aimed at refurbishing sanitary facilities, reception areas in the campsites, installing new traffic signs, and planting vegetation at the entrance areas to the campsites. In addition to technical improvements, representatives of both campsites, in collaboration with the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office, started the project entitled "On Lošinj's sails around the world", which will be offered to camping guests.
To ensure further improvements of the campsites, the project entitled "Development strategy of the campsites by Lošinjska plovidba  - Turizam d.o.o. Mali Lošinj Company" was started in the collaboration with the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija. The project should be finished this autumn.
The management of the Lošinjska plovidba – Turizam d.o.o. Company decided also to invest into the company's core business – boats and sailing, more specifically into refurbishing the Y/C Marina, which is part of the Mali Lošinj harbour. To make this company even more recognisable on the market, the process of rebranding will be started this autumn, and the visitors in the campsites and marina will play an important role in the selection of the new marketing logotype.