Kvarner newsletter / no 31

35th Osor Musical Evenings
Musical enjoyment in a unique ambience

Ever since 1976, Osor on the island of Cres has hosted a unique musical event – the Osor Musical Evenings. Until the 22nd of August, this small town, characterised by a very special ambience, will offer a perfect destination for all lovers of classical music.

The Osor Musical Evenings run from the 16th of July to the 22nd of August and represent one of the most important musical and stage festivals on Kvarner, which continues to attract thousands of lovers of classical music to Osor. Throughout its long history, which started in 1976, this festival had included many premieres of the works by renowned Croatian composers and numerous performances of original musical pieces that were written especially for this festival.
Among many summer festivals, the Osor Musical Evenings are considered by many to be one of the most relevant, particularly with regard to promoting classical music by Croatian authors. This is also a very original festival, because it has already included performances of more than 300 compositions written particularly for the audience in Osor.
The opening ceremony of this year's festival in mid-July included the Beethoven's Ninth Symphony performed by the Symphonic Orchestra and Choir of the Croatian Radiotelevision. This was inspired by the initiator of the festival and great musical expert, Danijel Marušić, who unfortunately died last year.
In memory of him, the festival continues with a series of interesting performances: in the coming weeks, the audience in Osor will have the chance to enjoy nine more concert, out of the total number of 18, performed by more than 250 superb musicians. In addition, this year's Osor Musical Evenings have another distinctive feature – guest performances by young Croatian musicians in abandoned churches of Osor. These concerts will additionally emphasise the unique ambience of this festival and further promote the area's protected cultural heritage and this great musical event.