Kvarner newsletter / no 31

Vinodol Summer Festival and The Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola) – eight days of fun, beautiful young women and excellent wine

Following a tradition dating back to ancient times, the grape harvest on the Vinodol Riviera will turn into an 8-day party between the 14th and the 21st of August. Based on previous experience and the area’s unique story, loads of fun is guaranteed!

The Rose of Vinodol is a modern event inspired by the history of the Vinodol region that takes place in August every year. The event runs parallel to the attractive Vinodol Summer Evenings festival, so the party is on from the 14th to the 21st of August.

In the Vinodol area, today known as the Vinodol Riviera, there is a story of a custom that dates back to the period when the region was ruled by the aristocratic Frankopan family. At the end of wine harvest in the vineyards of the Vinodol region, people used to choose the most beautiful and most diligent girl who took part in the harvest. She would be given a crown made of vine and lead the procession back to the town accompanied by the sounds of the traditional instruments. This story was the basis for the modern Rose of Vinodol event, where visitors can buy some modern ecological or hand-made products. Since the organisation was taken over by the Novi Vinodolski Tourist Board and the Municipality of Vinodol Tourist Board a few years ago, the event now lasts for eight days.

The festival always starts on Saturday in Bribir, where the twelve candidates introduce themselves to the public. Bribir also hosts a fair of wines, ancient handicrafts and ecological and hand-made products, which is accompanied by an entertainment and folklore programme.

The candidates compete in nine games related to wine making, wine growing, and some traditional customs of the Vinodol region. The contest is supervised by several referees, and the jury chooses the best and the most skilled candidate. This is therefore not a classical beauty contest, but a competition that takes into account various personal skills. The first competition starts in Pavlomir on the 19th of August, and the remaining games take place on the following two days in the historic centre of Novi Vinodolski. They all have to do with local traditions and customs.
Big fireworks are organised in honour of the winner, which is accompanied by music, dance and folklore. Visitors can also sample some traditional dishes and wines of the region. In the same period, the Vinodol Municipality Tourist Board organises the 10th Vinodol Summer Evenings. This is a festival aimed at promoting the area's rich cultural and historical heritage, which includes concerts of classical, modern and ethnic music, literary evenings and theatrical performances in the former Frankopan castles and churches of Vinodol.