Kvarner newsletter / no 31

Gorski kotar’s Fruits of the Mountains
Take part in gathering indigenous plants and tasty raspberries

Programmes dedicated to gathering tasty berries in Gorski kotar continue in August: this time, visitors will take home bags full of wild-growing medicinal plants and tasty raspberries. Of course, this programme is accompanied by other events and the tasting of local specialities.

Activity holidays in nature are an increasingly popular type of tourism. This is confirmed by the growing number of visitors to the tours organised by the members of the Gorski kotar's Fruits of the Mountains association with seat in Ravna Gora. Leaders of this association have organised a series of events in nature that helped created the image of Gorski kotar as a destination for activity holidays.
Depending on the period of ripening of single fruits, the programme includes something new each month, and picking the fruits is just a part of the overall experience. The programmes start in May and last until October, combining recreation, education and gastronomy. Depending on the location, programmes can also include tours of attractive walking trails and visiting some interesting landmarks of the region.
Each month is dedicated to a particular fruit, and the month of August has two festivals, one dedicated to raspberries, and the other to medicinal plants. Depending on weather, the area of Ravna Gora hosts the Day of Raspberries on the second weekend in August (7th of August), and one weekend later, Lokve celebrates the Day of medicinal plants. The event in Ravna Gora will include a tour of the walking trails in the surroundings, picking raspberries, a series of lectures about this tasty fruit, and sampling various dishes and sweets, including raspberry liqueurs and strudel made with this delicious fruit.
Another interesting programme, dedicated to medicinal plants, will take place in Lokve. In addition, several producers offer their products on the "Road of fruits of the mountains" that runs through the Gorski kotar area.