Kvarner newsletter / no 31

Krk Fair
A fair of unforgettable experiences

If you choose to spend holidays on the island of Krk, rest assured that you will return home full of great impressions. An additional attraction is the Krk Fair, a big three-day event designed to re-enact the spirit of times long gone, taking place from the 8th to the 10th of August.

Naval battle, treasure hunt, medieval fair, ecological fair, entertainment programme, local gastronomy... These are just some of the highlights of the Krk Fair that will take place in the town of Krk from the 8th to the 10th of August.
This 3-day historical spectacle is a large open-air party with various programmes on four stages and ca. two hundred stands across Krk waterfront and on main locations throughout the town, which usually attracts more than sixty thousand visitors.
The fair dates back to 1524, when merchants from all across Europe used to sell various goods. Over time, the fair turned into a popular tourist attraction. However, this fair is much more than just a spectacle for tourist and entertainment for local inhabitants and participants.
The fair gives an insight into the dark Middle Ages, in the period when the last princes of Krk, the Frankopans, lived, fought and finally disappeared. One of the main objectives of this event is to promote the role this aristocratic family for the life on Krk. Despite the fact that there are many stands offering various products, this is really not fair – there is no bargaining or haggling, but the atmosphere still reminds of the medieval daily routine.
The organiser aims to bring back to life the spirit of these times through various knight competitions, the sounds of drums and fanfares, fireworks, costumed princes and princesses. Without the burdens of modern technology, they want to remind the visitors of the beauty of handicraft and how people in the past used to produce items with their hands, of the connection between humans and nature, the earth and the sea; and of the spiritual and material heritage of our ancestors.
The fair successfully combines the present and the past through a series of interesting programmes: various performances on the four stages, tasting traditional and modern specialities on stands, medieval costumes, boat excursion and treasure hunt, and much more.