Kvarner newsletter / no 31

Opatija’s Open Air Theatre
Three days dedicated to Đorđe Balašević

After taking a seven-year-break from big concerts and appearing in public only to promote his book, Croatian fans will once again have the chance to fully enjoy the complete opus of the great singer and songwriter from Vojvodina, Đorđe Balašević, in August in Opatija. For three days, from the 13th to the 15th of August, Balašević will be performing his evergreen repertoire, and also promoting his first film.

To promote his directorial debut, the film entitled Kao rani mraz, the great singer-songwriter from Vojvodina, Đorđe Balašević, will visit Opatija where he will perform for three days.

The arrival of this great yet modest musician was organised to promote his first film entitled Kao rani mraz, inspired by the famous song that tells the tragic story of a man called Vasa Ladački, well known by all the fans of this singer.

The organiser of this three-day event, appropriately named Vasa Ladački in Opatija, announces that Đorđe Balašević will enter the Opatija’s harbour on his ship on the 13th of August, after which he will ride through Opatija in a carriage accompanied by tamburica-players who will take him to the promotion of a documentary about the making of his film debut.

On the second day, Balašević will give a big concert that will be a chance to evoke memories, because this will not be the first time that he performs in Opatija, which he calls his lucky town. It was here that he first performed My First Love – a song that had marked a significant period of his musical career.

During the concert, Balašević will be joined by many Croatian musicians, accompanied by the music of the new orchestra with more than 20 musicians named Pannonian marines, which is an allusion to his big hit Pannonian Sailor.

On the last day of the Vasa Ladački in Opatija programme, Opatija’s Open Air Theatre will for a while be transformed into his homeland of Vojvodina – the stage for his film debut. The audience will thus have the chance to enjoy not only Balašević’s songs, but also the premiere of a part of this film, which the author, who is also a great comedian, describes as the “largest music video ever made”. The premiere will be attended by the actors, which will give this event a special charm.