Kvarner newsletter / no 31

Mali Lošinj Tourism Office
Detailed maps of the island’s attractions

To provide visitors with better information about the island’s landmarks, the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office, in collaboration with other relevant tourism institutions, has prepared detailed tourist maps of the island that will serve as pocket guides for exploring the area’s rich offer.

The Mali Lošinj Tourism Office, in collaboration with the representatives of the Town of Mali Lošinj, local authorities of the islands of Susak, Ilovik, and Unije, and the small towns of Veli Lošinj and Nerezine on the island of Lošinj, has recently published detailed tourist maps of small places and islands.
All the sites worth visiting are marked on the maps, such as historic sites, beaches and other attractions of every single island or town. The maps contain descriptions of some sites that visitors otherwise probably would not discover. The whole archipelago is dotted with a series of attractions that are known only by local people. Since tourism professionals on Lošinj want to offer their tourists a different kind of holiday, these maps will definitely be a great help in discovering some special places of interest.
With the help of the maps, visitors can learn more about the harbour and the centre of Nerezine, and then explore the Halmac area, climb Mount Osoršćica, observe the historic ruins of former churches, and enjoy beautiful beaches of Nerezine and the paths to Ćunski.
The maps will inform the visitors how to reach beaches, walking trails and paths that run past the ruins of towers, churches and former observation posts, or lead to some magnificent vantage points that will leave a lasting impression on each visitor. On the island of Unije, a Roman path leads from the cove of Maračuol to the cove of Podkujni. From the promontory of Mrtvaška one can head for the island of Ilovik and the islet of Sv. Petar and experience how history and modern life intertwine there. The map of the island of Susak, which predominantly attracts visitors with its sand beaches, will lead you through the Upper and the Lower Village, revealing various sites of interest, from the cove of Bok to the traditional costume resembling a miniskirt.
This is all just a part of the overall offer. It should be said that the maps are available not only in printed form, but also as pdf-files at www.tz-malilosinj.hr