Kvarner newsletter / no 32

In anticipation of the World Spearfishing Championship
Millennium photography – a tribute to people and tradition

Nerezine tourist resort on the island of Lošinj has recently hosted the shooting of the 208th in the series of Millennium Photographs, and Danijel Gospić, a member of the Croatian national spearfishing team and European spearfishing champion has now joined the other great athletes whose figures were the motif of other millennium photographs by Šime Strikoman. Apart from this diver's sporting achievements, there are some additional reasons for that…

From the 14th to the 19th of September, the island of Lošinj will host the World Spearfishing Competition. Because of this important event, and the fact that the island of Lošinj and the surrounding islands boast a long tradition of spearfishing, the decision was made to take the new Millennium Photograph here on Lošinj. The Millennium Photograph is a project by Šime Strikoman to memorise important people, events and places in Croatia. As many as 1150 people – inhabitants of the island of Lošinj and their guests dressed in World Spearfishing Championship T-shirts – created with their bodies the figure of the diver Danijel Gospić, member of the Croatian national diving team and the European spearfishing champion. He is the fifth top athlete in the series of Millennium Photos by Šime Strikoman. Other sport Millennium Photos show the figures of Ivano Balić (who was declared the best World Championship team handball player), basketball players Krešimir Čosić and Dražen Petrović, and footballer Ivica Olić.

The shooting of the new Millennium Photograph by the renowned Croatian photographer Šime Strikoman in Nerezine is the introduction to the forthcoming World Spearfishing Championship – event of great importance for the island of Lošinj and its archipelago.