Kvarner newsletter / no 32

Rijeka Astronomy Centre
Wednesday is tourist day

In addition to its regular programme in the Croatian language, during the summer the Rijeka Astronomy Centre offers programmes for tourists every Wednesday, with screening of films in English, Italian and French languages. The centre is also open on Saturdays, when starting at 11 p.m. visitors can enjoy looking at the stars.

To make its attractive programmes available also to visitors who do not speak Croatian, the Rijeka Astronomy Centre offers a special programme until the 15th of September.

The programme is entitled "Summer Reprise" and includes screenings of films in English, Italian, and French languages, and a visit to the observatory, where interested visitors can watch the stars through the centre's big telescope and learn more about what they are observing from the centre's experts. The screenings on Wednesdays begin at 10 p.m. The regular programme includes two films in English, and one in French and Italian.

La corsa sulla Terra is an entertaining 30-minute animated film in Italian about the inhabitants of the Gasmoonia and Karmoonia empires on the Moon who are trying to reach the Earth on their spaceships.

In contrast to the Italian film, aimed primarily at younger audience, the French film entitled Vibrato shows a space journey in a virtual reality simulator. This is an excellent movie for SF fans, because it includes great visual impressions and the true cosmic echo.

The first of the two films in English is called Planets in Sight. It is a documentary classic suitable for a wider audience. During 35 minutes, the viewers can learn more about the Solar System through suggestive panoramic recordings. The second film in English, entitled Two Small Pieces of Glass, is an entertaining documentary story about the history and development of telescope. The film takes approximately half an hour and shows the historical development of the telescope – how the first telescopes looked like, what are the world's biggest telescopes, and what are the challenges of the newest generation of observatories.

The Rijeka Astronomy Centre invites visitors to watch the stars each Saturday at 10 p.m.