Kvarner newsletter / no 32

Festival Kvarner Opatija
The symphony continues in October

The newest music festival in Opatija – the Festival Kvarner, offers a series of classical music concerts throughout the year. The festival started in April, continued in June, and will now enter its final phase with a concert on the 10th of October, with pieces by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Robert Schumann and Ludwig van Beethoven.

The last part of this year's Festival Kvarner, the most recent among Opatija's music festivals, will start with the performance of the Hebrides Ouverture, opus 26 by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. The programme will take place on the 10th of October, when Opatija's Hotel Kvarner will certainly be the destination for many lovers of classical music. In addition to the Hebrides Overture, Hotel Kvarner's Crystall Hal – considered by many to be Croatia's most beautiful hotel hall – will host performances of the Piano Concerto in A Minor opus 54 by Robert Schumann, and the Symphony No. 7 in A Major opus 92 by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Opatija will also in the future continue to be the venue for performing famous pieces by renowned European composers and a favourite destination for the lovers of the classical music: this year's last concert within the Festival Kvarner is also the announcement for the packed programme of events in 2011. The concerts in Hotel Kvarner's Crystall Hall will be included in the calendar of permanent cultural events in Opatija.

For those who know more about Opatija's history it is no wonder that this town was chosen to host this series of classical music concerts. Opatija gained reputation as an exclusive winter resort as early as the end of the 19th century, in the Austro-Hungarian era, when it became one of the most popular health and holiday resorts of European nobility. The beauty of the town used to enchant emperors and members of the court and European aristocracy, including some famous composers whose works are the basis for this festival, which is the most recent is the series of musical events in Opatija, but also a very valuable one.

In charge of the realisation of the festival are the Opatija Tourism Office, the Festival Kvarner association, and the artistic director of the Ad Libitum Konzertwerkstatt from Vienna, Mr Michael Fendre, who is also the main organiser of all concerts. Let us also mention that the pieces are performed by true masters of music – members of the Austrian Orchesterakademie Ossiach, accompanied by the pianist Gottlieb Wallisch under the baton of the famous French conductor Rémy Ballot.