Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Island of Krk 
The revitalisation of Krk’s natural phenomena continues

In 2008, the revitalisation of the island’s numerous natural and cultural phenomena in the area of the town of Krk continues. Action will be financed through the “ecological fee”, which has recently been introduced in the town.

The town of Krk is continuing its numerous projects to revitalise several of the town’s distinctive cultural and natural features. These include extensive works in the Dražica Forest Park, marking out cultural landmarks, and extensive works on the town’s beaches.
In the area of Dražica Forest Park, located between the famous hotels Koralj and Dražica, activities include listing all plant species in the park and a careful arrangement of the park’s horticulture, in order to make a visit to this park even more interesting and enjoyable.
Another large project is a more precise marking of all cultural sights in the town. A project called “A pathway through the town’s history and culture” should encompass all of the town’s cultural points of interest through a series of tourist routes. All of these routes will be shown in the new brochure, which will be printed after the landmarks have been marked. For visitors to the town, this will be an interesting means of finding their way through the town and learning more about its ancient and more recent history. Krk is not a large town in terms of the number of inhabitants, but historically it is a very important town, which is attested by its heritage that reminds visitors of the town’s eventful history.