Kvarner newsletter / no 32

Discover the secrets of the island of Cres
Eco-programmes for a different kind of holiday

If you'd like to be an islander for a few days, to get better acquainted with the relaxed pace of life the island offers, to immerse yourself fully in nature and get stuck into some typical island activities, we invite you to visit the island of Cres! In addition to its varied tourism offer, Cres now offers 11 unique eco-programmes guaranteed to help you discover some of the secrets of this beautiful island.

Since recently, visitors to the island of Cres can take part in as many as 11 attractive eco-programmes, unique excursion tours aimed at discovering some of the island's secrets, enjoying the area's natural ambience, and learning more about life on this island. The programmes, which are offered by the Tajne Cresa (Secrets of Cres) company, are suitable for all age groups of visitors. In addition to the guided tours of the island, the programmes inform the visitors about typical activities of the island, and those who want can even take part in some of them. The programmes are based on small groups of visitors consisting of no more than eight people, who want to learn more about the area's centuries-long tradition of living in harmony with the unique island nature. The tours are guided by experts who are familiar with every corner of the island and who will spice up the tours with interesting stories and legends about old villages, paths and coves of the island.

One of the programmes includes the visit to the Eco Centre Caput Insulae in the village of Beli, which takes care of a large colony of the protected griffon vultures. This programme includes a tour of local landmarks, wine and olive oil sampling, the story of the oldest oak on the island, learning more about the island's biodiversity, and the educational story about griffon vultures.

Another programme leads to some abandoned villages on winding paths across the whole island. Each of these, today mostly abandoned villages, hides some legend that will certainly inspire the visitors to investigate them further. Each of these villages also has some of the distinctive features which make the basis of the island's natural, historical and cultural diversity. Other programmes include the famous Labyrinth Path (a tour of the seven labyrinths across the island), the attractive Napoleon Path, and numerous other gravel and asphalt paths along which the visitors can get to know the whole island of Cres.

All the mentioned programmes are day trips and can include walking, transport with a shuttle van, bike tours, and even boat rides. All the programmes are designed to inform the visitors about the ecological biodiversity and the local way of life, including some of the typical activities on the island – fishing, olive growing, and cattle breeding. Those who want can also take part in some of these typical everyday activities.