Kvarner newsletter / no 32

Brod Moravice
Autumn's fruits

To fully enjoy the whole Kvarner region and to experience it in all its diversity, make sure to visit the wooded hinterland of Gorski kotar for a day or more. This area hosts a series of interesting nature-related events throughout the year – and in September, you are invited to the Day of Plums, and to the event dedicated to preparing deer goulash.

Despite the fact that the beauty of nature in Gorski kotar continues to leave many visitors breathless, especially those coming from large urban centres, this does not have to be the only reason to visit this green region. To stimulate the development of the area and to include numerous local manufactures into tourism offer, many thematic events are being organised throughout the Gorski kotar region. The dates of these events are related to the ripening and harvesting of various fruits and plants: in September, the area of the municipality of Brod Moravice will host the event entitled "Day of Plums".

Before that, on Saturday the 11th of September, Brod Moravice will host the traditional competition in preparing deer stew entitled "The Golden Stew". Although the competitors are mostly from Croatia, this event can nevertheless be very interesting for tourists: apart from the intoxicating smell of the stew, another trumps of this event are the varied entertainment programme and the area's unique natural surroundings. The event takes place on a meadow, and the visitors can choose whether they want to dance, enjoy the food, help preparing dishes, or learn some secrets of skilled cooks, rest in shadow, or play football with children. This is what makes all the programmes in Gorski kotar so attractive and charming.

The Day of Plums is scheduled for the 25th of September and will be organised by the members of the Brod Moravice Tourist Board and the Brod Moravice Pensioners Association. The visitors will have the chance to take part in picking plums or making plum brandy, sample plum products prepared in the traditional way, and chose the best plum jam and plum brandy.

Nature lovers will find some rare mountain plant species on the area's meadows and grasslands, and numerous colourful butterflies in the valley of River Kupa.