Kvarner newsletter / no 32

The golden island of Krk
Activity holidays with wine, olives and figs

In addition to being the largest island on the Adriatic, the island of Krk can be described with many other epithets. Thanks to its wines, honey and olives, Krk is also known as the Golden Island. Late summer and early autumn is an ideal time for learning more about this "golden" offer.

The Golden Island, as Krk has been called for decades, shines in all its golden splendour particularly in the early autumn. The name comes from the colour of some of the island's natural products – wine, honey and olive oil. Since the month of September is the period of intense grape harvest, the tastes and scents of new wine will certainly attract many visitors to the island in the forthcoming weeks.

Although the official Wine Festival on the island of Krk already took place at the end of August, grape harvest is yet to come. For several years now, some wineries and agencies have been offering programmes for visitors who want to participate in grape harvest.

Grape harvest programmes last seven days and their start depends on weather conditions. Since the number of participants is limited, many interested visitors unfortunately cannot participate in them. However, they can sample new wine from Vrbnik, or individually help in the grape harvest, because many families on the island that produce wine can use some help.

After the harvest, visitors are invited for refreshment in some of the island's numerous taverns and restaurants.

The wine that goes best with the local gastronomic offer is undoubtedly Vrbnička žlahtina – white wine made from the indigenous grape variety, distinguished for its clear greenish-yellow colour and a light, refreshing fruity aroma. The grape is grown in the Vrbnik plane in the immediate vicinity of the small town of Vrbnik on the island of Krk.

In addition to this indigenous wine, visitors will have the chance to sample other specialities and drinks that are typical of the island of Krk, such as fruit or honey brandies, and to take part in another tasty festival at the beginning of September – the Days of Figs. Later, in October, is the time of the Days of Olives.

The Days of Figs take place in the first week of September and include participation of many local restaurant owners and producers. The visitors are invited to sample fig brandy and liqueur, as well as various dishes made with fresh or dried figs. Those who decide to take part in fig harvest will have the chance to try ripe figs at their best – when freshly picked!