Kvarner newsletter / no 33

The historic town of Grobnik
Grobnik Autumn Festival

Starting at the end of September, the historic Grobnik castle, located in the heart of today's Municipality of Čavle, will be hosting another Grobnik Autumn Festival – offering three months of rich cultural programmes, concerts, scientific conferences, presentations of the local tourism offer, and much more. The event will then end in mid-December with the traditional Grobnička Skala Festival.

This year's Grobnik Autumn Festival began with the presentation of the special edition of the Grobnički zbornik anthology entitled "Bogatstvo siromaštva" (The Richness of Poverty) in the historic town of Grobnik.
The festival, which takes place every autumn and runs until the beginning of December, includes performances of local musicians – choirs, cultural and artistic societies, orchestras etc. What makes this festival so special and amusing is the fact that it includes performances, painting exhibitions and literature works of children of all age groups.
The programmes will take place on a daily basis on several locations – in the historic town of Grobnik, in the local House of Culture, and in the library in Čavle.
Of many programmes scheduled for the festival particularly worth mentioning are the evening performances of numerous choirs from Čavle and the whole Rijeka area. Visitors are also invited to the exhibition entitled "Friends of the Grobnik International Visual Arts Colony from the EU", a display of works by visual artists from the EU created within the Grobnik International Visual Arts Colony since 1996.
Other announced programmes include the scientific conference under the title "The Grobnik Area: Traces, Signs and Directions" on the 6th of November, and the Day of Science, with the presentation of the "Old Knight Our Castle" project. The event will end with the Grobnička Skala 2010 Festival, which is scheduled for the 4th of December.
Grobnik is a small historical hilltop town whose ancient walls offer magnificent views of the Kvarner Bay on the one side, and the continental shapes of Gorski kotar on the other. Particularly attractive is the central building in the historic town – the Frankopan castle of the former Vinodol Principality of Grobnik.