Kvarner newsletter / no 33

Fragrances of October on Lošinj
The tastes of myrtle, fruits of the strawberry tree, pomegranate and dandelion

Have you ever tried a dish spiced with myrtle, a dandelion liqueur, a marmalade made of strawberry tree fruits, or a jelly made of pomegranate? If not, don't miss the chance to visit Mali Lošinj this October for the Festival of Fine Scents – it takes place on the first Saturday of the month and is dedicated to specialities made from these aromatic fruits.

Every month, the town of Mali Lošinj, the main centre of the island of Lošinj, traditionally offers something from its Garden of Fine Scents. The presentation takes place on the main town's square on the first Saturday in the month – this month, it will be on the 2nd of October from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
The event is dedicated to the promotion of original products of the island, souvenirs, old customs and handicrafts, home-made cakes, honey, liqueurs, marmalades, and dishes made of myrtle, fruits of the strawberry tree, pomegranate and dandelion.
For all those who haven't yet had a chance to experience the Festival of Fine Scents, let us explain that this is a unique chance to learn more not only about the island's rich tradition, but also about the characteristics of plants and fruits that have a great potential for being used in preparing food.
Myrtle is a shrub whose evergreen leaves abound in essential oil suitable for various forms of aromatherapy. The fruits are used for making brandy. Tasty jam can be made from the fruits of strawberry tree, rich in vitamin C. Apart from jam, local people use these fruits to make spirits, liqueurs and cakes.
Pomegranate is most beneficial when eaten raw, but this tasty fruit rich in vitamin C is also used to make delicious jelly and many various dishes.
Dandelion will also probably gain new admirers – dishes made with its leaves (mostly salads) have a very specific taste, and flowers are used to produce honey. Various simple dishes based on this plant will be offered on this festival.
The Festival of Fine Scents is just a small part of the island's fragrant tradition: visitors can benefit here from first-class clean air, mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate, and natural aromatherapy that can be felt in the air when walking along more than 220 kilometres of well-tended walking trails stretching across five islands in the Lošinj archipelago. These natural characteristics are the main reason why the island of Lošinj this year celebrates its 125th anniversary of health tourism.
However, the island of Lošinj offers much more. One interesting event is the 28th Arbunada (on the 3rd of October), dedicated to the ancient way of fishing common pandora with bare hands from the boat. This is the only example of such tradition that remained preserved up to the present day in the whole Adriatic.