Kvarner newsletter / no 34

The island of Unije
The 4th St. Andrew's Squid Fishing Cup

The 4th St. Andrew's Squid Fishing Cup will take place on the 27th of November on the island of Unije. This will be an opportunity for many to visit this island, learn more about the local tradition of fishing for/ squid, and enjoy the packed entertainment programme and a great choice of excellent food…

On the 27th of November, the small island of Unije, located west of the island of Lošinj, will host the 4th St. Andrew Squid Fishing Cup, which will surely attract many visitors to this island. However, the fishing cup is just an introduction to the big party that will follow after the competition and usually lasts until late in the evening.
As in previous years, approximately 25 boats are expected to take part in the competition that will last until late afternoon. After that, the squid will be offered for free to all the visitors, and the party will continue until late in the evening.
The St. Andrew Cup has several rules – there mustn't be more than two competitors (male or female) in one boat, and the squid are fished in the traditional way from the boat using traditional equipment. The fishing starts at noon, and ends at 6 p.m. when the squid are weighed and the teams are awarded points following the principle of "one gram = one point". The winner is the team that gets the highest number of points.
After that it's party time, and chefs, waiters and musicians can show their skills. Although the summer season is long over, on this occasion many visitors are again expected on the island of Unije. Let us remember that last year this cup was visited not only by tourists from all over Croatia, but also from Italy and Slovenia.
In case of bad weather, the cup will take place one week later – on the 4th of December.