Kvarner newsletter / no 34

Mali Lošinj Tourism Office
CBTour 2010 responsible tourism award

Mali Lošinj's tourism offer is based on sustainable development, involvement and protection of the area's natural and cultural landscape, and a responsible approach to tourism. This has been recognised on the national level – the Lošinj programme has recently been awarded as one of Croatia's best responsible business tourism programmes.

A programme by the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office won the CBTour Business Tourism Innovation 2010 award as one of the best responsible Croatian business tourism programmes. This award was for the first time assigned by the Sigma Innovators Association with the aim of promoting high-quality innovative programmes and providing support to tourism professionals interested in offering unique products and services. The awards were assigned in seven categories, among which the one for the Best Responsible Business Tourism Programme.
In recent years, tourism offer of the island of Lošinj has become more oriented at sustainable development and the protection of the area's natural and cultural heritage. This resulted in the island of Lošinj being widely recognised for its fragrant walking trails, nature, beneficial climate, health and vitality, and a wide range of original programmes designed to inform the visitors about the history of the local area.
At the awards ceremony, director of the Tourism Office, Mrs Đurđica Šimičić, said: "Our programmes have been designed in collaboration with partners from all over the Lošinj archipelago, which resulted in a wide range of services offered to the visitors. Some of the projects that have been recognised as being particularly valuable, interesting and sustainable are: On Lošinj Sails Around the World, Fragrances and Tastes of Lošinj, Lošinj Cuisine, Fragrant Experiences on 5 Islands, Archipelago of the Starriest Sky, 125 Years of Health Tourism, Scents of the Island Lamb, Ambroz Haračić Festival, Excellence in Tourism, Promoting Culture and Biodiversity, and many more."