Kvarner newsletter / no 34

We present: Kastav Walking Trails
Recreation in the forests of Loza and Lužina

The forests around Kastav, Loza and Lužina, feature many marked trails and paths ideal for shorter or longer walking tours in the fresh air, giving visitors wonderful opportunities to discover some of the area's landmarks and enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

Sometimes it doesn't take much to spend a pleasant day walking in the forest – all you need is good mood and curiosity. If you are on the Opatija Riviera or near the historic town of Kastav, and would like to spend a day in nature, we recommend visiting the area around Kastav, which features many well-tended walking trails.
The forest paths in this area are very interesting and suitable for all types of visitors, from professional hikers to those who just want to enjoy beautiful forest vegetation and interesting karst features. For the most part, the trails lead through the forests of Loza and Lužina. Many of them branch off into longer or shorter paths leading to some of the area's landmarks such as peaks of the hills or other interesting natural attractions. If you are a cycling fan, some of the trails provide excellent mountain bike tours.
From the large number of trails and paths in the area, let us mention the three most famous. The first leads from Kastav via Japnenica and the hill of Spinčićev breg back to Kastav. This trail is 4.5 kilometres long and requires ca. one hour of walking. It starts at the Fortica vantage point in the centre of Kastav, continues through the town gate past the ruins of the Crekvina church, and then on a wide forest road that lads to the marked Loza ecological trail. After 100 m you will spot yellow and blue marks – follow them left to reach a nice sinkhole and a large area overgrown in butcher's broom. The path continues along ancient dry-stone walls and then ascends to the road leading to the hill of Spinčićev breg, then to the hill of Belićev breg, and finally back to Kastav via the hamlet of Brnini.
The second trail is almost 10 kilometres long and takes ca. 2.5 hours of walking. It leads through the forests of Loza and Lužina past the abandoned village of Cari, the kava quarry, the peak of Stanić (465 m) and the Zvirić hunting lodge. The third trail is more than 14 kilometres long and takes ca. 5 hours of walking. It leads partly on the same route as the first two trails, but it also provides the opportunity to visit the attractive cave of Šparožna jama and climb the peak of Mačkov vrh. Apart from that, there are several other peaks offering magnificent views of the landscapes and villages in the hinterland of Kastav, and the mountains of Gorski kotar, Lisina and Učka.