Kvarner newsletter / no 34

Ravna Gora
Events in the rhythm of nature

The fruits of the mountains have been collected and stored. Many of them have been preserved for winter in the form of various products that will be presented at the Winter Food Festival, this year's final event within the traditional Fruits of the Mountains programme.

Ravna Gora, a small town in the heart of Gorski kotar, is known not only for the beauty of the surrounding landscape, but also for its tourism offer aimed at modern people who would like to spend more time in contact with nature. This consideration was the basis for a series of events entitled Fruits of the Mountains, which eventually became a symbol of the local area. The events are dedicated to the ripening of various fruits (strawberries, elder, blueberries, potatoes, rose hip etc.) and their preservation for the winter. On the Winter Food Festival on the 27th of November, visitors will have the chance to sample some of these fruits, learn how to store them for winter, and taste some typical winter dishes of the region: sauerkraut, turnip, sausages etc. This will mark the beginning of the winter season in Gorski kotar, an increasingly popular winter resort where visitors can enjoy sledding, skiing, or walking in nature. Not to forget the selection of excellent food of the region!
After winter, the programmes will resume at the end of April with the 2nd Antiques Festival entitled "Items from the ancient chest". This will be followed by the new season of the Fruits of the Mountains series of events dedicated to various fruits that ripe in different months of the year.