Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Municipality of Lokve  
An attractive tourist programme throughout the year

The Municipality of Lokve’s Tourism Office has recently presented a very interesting programme of events and new projects for this year that will add to the appeal of the region.

The extensive programme of events and projects in 2008 includes some new and interesting ideas that will be sure to attract even more visitors to Lokve, a destination at the very heart of Gorski kotar, which is already well recognised among tourists.
One of the new projects, the “Caves Path”, will offer routes leading through the caves and other interesting sites in the Lokve region. The list of these sites is quite impressive, which is why its compilers believe that a visit to the Caves Path will take at least two days – as it will be impossible to see the whole area in just one day.
The sites included in the route are the caves of Medvjeđa spilja and Lokvarka, the Pinora ponor, the Frankopan caravan trail, the old fir and the caves of Ledena spilja, Paklena vrata and Golublja spilja in the Golubinjak forest park, a military bunker from 1942 along the railway near the small tunnel in Bukovac, the caves of Ciganska spilja and Hirčeva spilja on Bukovac, and many nearby small caves.
Another new project is the revitalisation of local myths and legends, started by members of the Lovers of Lokve Antiquities Association. The aim of this project is to present all the legends of the region to the public and to breathe new life into them.
Other events from this year’s long list of events in Lokve include Frog’s Nights (frogs are a symbol of Lokve), Halloween based on local legends, Ptičji pir, Midsummer Bonfires, Earth Day, traditional climbing to the mountains of Špićunak and Risnjak, bike riding in Lazac, Fishermen’s night in Mrzle Vodice, pike fishing, cooking of hunters’ goulash, and many more.