Kvarner newsletter / no 35

Liburnia Riviera Hotels
Magical festive atmosphere

In December, visitors to the Opatija Riviera, especially the guests of Opatija's Liburnia Riviera Hotels, will have the chance to enjoy a variety of festive programmes, from food festivals to dancing evenings and concerts. The offer will also include promotional prices for accommodation packages with a series of additional festive surprises.

Visitors to the Opatija Riviera will have the opportunity to enjoy the area's festive atmosphere as early as the beginning of December. Until the end of the year, Opatija's Liburnia Riviera Hotels Company, which operates 15 hotels located along the Opatija Riviera, offers a wide range of attractive festive programmes.
From the 3rd to the 26th of December, guests at Opatija's Hotel Kristal are invited to enjoy traditional Christmas and New Year's sweets and cakes, which will be followed by a series of musical programmes in the next days. On weekends, the hotels Imperial, Admiral and Excelsior will host attractive dancing evenings, and a true Christmas treat awaits visitors on the 18th of December: a concert entitled Christmas in Opatija in the Crystal Hall of the Hotel Kvarner. The performers will be some of Croatia's most famous soloists, like the opera singer Sandra Bagarić, the successful actress and singer Renata Sabljak, one of Croatia's most renowned tenor-baritones Đani Stipaničev, and the actor and singer Ervin Baučić, accompanied by the Zagreb Philharmonic Revue Orchestra, members of the Komedija Theatre Ballet and the Mići vrapčići and Opatijski dječaci choirs.
Another highlight of the festive entertainment programme in the Hotel Imperial is the Evening of Music, Painting and Poetry on the 19th of December.
In the days before Christmas, the list of entertainment programmes will be even more packed. For the period from the 24th to the 28th of December, the Liburnia Riviera Hotels offer special prices for package holiday in the hotels Marina, Admiral, Ambasador, Imperial, Istra, Palace Bellevue, and Kristal in Opatija, and Hotel Excelsior in Lovran. These special package holidays also include additional services, like the gala Christmas dinner, and attractive services in the hotels' wellness and spa centres.
To make your stay in some of the hotels even more enjoyable, your hosts have prepared attractive themed evenings and entertainment programmes for children and adults. The programmes will continue until the end of the year, which will be marked by some unforgettable New Year's parties.