Kvarner newsletter / no 35

New Year's Party in Fužine
The most original way to say goodbye to 2010

On the very last day of December, the small town of Fužine, a pearl of the Gorski kotar area, continues to attract plenty of visitors bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming in the new in a really unique way.

At noon on the dot on the last day of December, when people across Europe only start preparing for New Year's parties, people from Fužine and their guests are already celebrating the arrival of the New Year with fireworks, 12 hours before the others.
Ever since the first welcoming of the New Year at noon, this daytime party started attracting more and more visitors every year. At first, it was only visited by local people and their guests, but soon they were joined by many visitors from abroad who come to Fužine from all over the Kvarner region.
Since this unique New Year's party in Fužine has become widely popular, many hotels in Gorski kotar and the whole Kvarner region included this event in their package holidays. In this way, many visitors from abroad have the unique chance to celebrate the New Year twice in one day – which is, one must admit, a really rare opportunity.