Kvarner newsletter / no 35

Municipality of Vinodol
New look of Vinodol's parks

Following complete restoration of the municipal parks in several centres of the Vinodol region over the last few years, it's now the turn of the central park in Drivenik – a quaint place, and today a part of the On the Trails of the Frankopans tourist project

The restoration of the central municipal park in Drivenik, a quaint place located within the Municipality of Vinodol, has started at the beginning of November. This news would probably not be so important if Drivenik wasn't one of the key points of the popular tourist project entitled On the Trails of the Frankopans, which continues to attract many visitors interested in local history to the Vinodol area. After all, history is the most valuable aspect of this picturesque village: it is distinguished for the old preserved castle of the Frankopan family located on the top of a hill, and for the Vinodol Law from 1288, which was signed, among others, by the representatives of Drivenik.
After restoration, which should be completed by the end of this year or by the beginning of 2011, the municipal park will boast a series of new facilities. These will surely inspire visitors who participate in the tour of the Frankopan castles to take a short break in the green surroundings of the Drivenik municipal park.

In the course of history, members of the Frankopan noble family were Croatian bans, viceroys, captains, mayors, founders of monasteries, warriors, writers, but also builders who constructed many castles, citadels, fortresses, palaces, churches and monasteries between the 13th and 17th centuries. In the area of the present County of Primorje and Gorski kotar, that is, the Kvarner region, there are ca. twenty old castles. Although only few of them have been restored and put into function, they all represent valuable heritage particularly interesting for visitors. Within the aforementioned tourist project, every effort has been made to restore the parks even before refurbishing the castles.

Until now, several of these public areas have been restored in Bribir, Grižane and Tribalj (all within the Municipality of Vinodol), which resulted in many satisfied visitors and also several tourist awards. For their well-tended green areas and parks, Bribir and Tribalj won the county's Green Flower Award within the "Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia 2010" national campaign.