Kvarner newsletter / no 35

2011 Rijeka Carnival
Get ready, the carnival is soon to begin!

The famed Rijeka Carnival, which has made Rijeka one of the world's leading carnival destinations, will again be attracting thousands of masked participants to the town in 2011. Don't miss this chance to experience the unique atmosphere of Rijeka Carnival, which starts in mid-January!

The centuries-long tradition of Rijeka Carnival continues in mid-January 2011. The new edition of the Rijeka Carnival will start on the 17th of January and will last until the 9th of March, attracting thousands of masked participants to the town. The two central events – Children's Carnival Parade and the International Carnival Parade will take place on the 26th of February and on the 6th of March respectively. The Queen of the Carnival will be elected on the 22nd of January.
It is expected that throughout the carnival season, and especially during the two central events, Rijeka will be visited by thousands of visitors and participants whose colourful masks will add to the carnival atmosphere in the town.
According to the experience from previous years, the Rijeka Carnival usually includes has more than 20,000 participants and more than 600,000 viewers from Croatia and abroad, which results in an increased demand for accommodation in Rijeka and the surroundings. Therefore, now it is the right moment to book your accommodation, because Rijeka Carnival is considered to be the third most important and attractive carnival in the world.