Kvarner newsletter / no 36

Vlado Kristl's exhibition in Rijeka
Works of the renowned abstract artist on display for the first time

Until mid-February, Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts will be displaying numerous abstract paintings by one of the most versatile Croatian artists of the modern era, Vlado Kristl. These works have never been shown before.

The exhibition of the works by Vlado Kristl that was opened late last year in Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts tells the story of this versatile artist and his high artistic achievements. The exhibition runs until the 6th of February and displays a series of paintings that have never been presented before.

Vlado Kristl's exhibition in RijekaVlado Kristl was born in Zagreb in 1923, and died in Munich in 2004. He has been known as one of the fathers of Croatian abstract arts and one of the most free-minded and intelligent Croatian artists, whose works include almost all types of artistic forms – he was a painter, graphic artist, animator, screenplay writer, director, experimenter and art teacher. Kristl was one of the leading promoters of abstract painting in the 1950s and one of the leading figures of the Croatian avant-garde and animation. This creative phase was followed by the so-called "mature" and "late" periods, when Kristl worked as a film author, poet and painter. However, despite his great reputation and the cult of his personality, many of his works remained unknown even to people who knew a lot bout his artistic achievements. At least a part of these works are revealed for the first time on this exhibition.

Although Kristl's extensive filmography and bibliography are well-known, his paintings remained rather unknown – especially those from the period after 1962, when he left Croatia and went to Germany. The exhibition in Rijeka is the first to display his paintings from the period between 1959 and 2004. In addition to paintings and films, the exhibition also presents books, visual poetry, letters, collages, photographs and archive documents.