Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Rijeka Carnival
Be what you want from the 25th of January until the 3rd of February!

This year, the Rijeka Carnival celebrates its 25th anniversary. The biggest party in this part of Europe, where everyone can be what he or she wants to be, started on January the 17th and will last until the 3rd of February. From year to year, the programme is becoming more and more packed and spectacular, attracting ever more visitors from Croatia and abroad. The Rijeka Carnival has long since crossed local and national borders and become an internationally recognised event.

During carnival season, parties are organised daily in pubs, hotels and in squares in the centre of Rijeka.
The highlight of the Rijeka Carnival are the carnival parades, with numerous participants of all age groups wearing traditional masks, presenting local carnival customs or reflecting actual events using the so-called allegorical vehicles.
This year, the Carnival brings together more than 10,000 masks and approximately one hundred imaginatively decorated allegorical vehicles.

The International Carnival Parade in the centre of the town, which this year takes place on the Sunday preceding Ash Wednesday, on the 3rd of February, is usually visited by a hundred thousand spectators from Rijeka, Croatia and abroad.

In addition to parades, carnival events include numerous exhibitions, parties, concerts, theatre performances, the contest for the title of Miss Rijeka Carnival, charity balls attended by ambassadors, consuls and many other renowned persons from the world of politics, sports and public life, as well as carnival sports, like the unique masked auto-rally 'Pariz-Bakar', which this year celebrates its 17th anniversary.

The town of Rijeka is a member of the Foundation of European Carnival Cities, and the Rijeka Carnival is listed among the 500 most important events in Europe. The UK’s Sunday Times newspaper has listed it as one of the world’s most exotic events of January.