Kvarner newsletter / no 37

Dance the tango with some of the world's best dancers!

If you are planning to visit Opatija at the end of February, do not miss this unique opportunity to learn how to tango in the company of the internationally acclaimed tango couple – Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera. They will be the mentors of this year's Tango Festival that takes place from the 25th to the 27th of February in Opatija's Hotel Bristol.

Lovers of the tango, and those who will become so, are invited to visit the Tango Con Las Estrellas Festival, which takes place in Opatija's Hotel Bristol from the 25th to the 27th of February. The event will include three-day workshops aimed at learning this popular Latin-American dance. What's even more important – the workshops will be supervised by one of the world's most famous tango couples – Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera from Buenos Aires. As professional dancers, teachers, choreographers and directors, they have been performing and teaching all over the world for the last 15 years, and are coming to Opatija through their former student and present tango teacher at Opatija's Tango del Mar dance centre.
By constantly improving their work and sharing their skills with the others, Carolina and Francesco developed a recognisable, integral tango methodology, which they teach through various lessons: technique for men and women, tango salon, tango for the stage, milonga, vals and professional development. All these skills will be demonstrated to the participants of the Tango Festival in Opatija.
The workshops are aimed both at beginners and advanced dancers, with the support of musicians from Croatia, Italy and Ukraine.
The Tango Festival will take place in Opatija's Hotel Bristol in the afternoons. On this occasion, the Hotel Bristol and the nearby Hotel Opatija offer special package holidays.
In addition to the workshops supervised by the famous couple from Argentina, throughout February, Hotel Bristol's Café Palme will host passionate tango dance evenings to add to the overall tango atmosphere. This will be a great opportunity for all participants to demonstrate their new dancing skills.