Kvarner newsletter / no 37

2011 Rijeka Carnival
The best is yet to come!

All visitors to Kvarner in February and March will have the opportunity to take part in the numerous carnival parades and parties. But they will also be spoilt for choice in trying to decide which are the most attractive events. So to make it easier for you, here is the list of some of the most interesting carnival events in the days to come.

This year's central carnival event – International Carnival Parade in Rijeka – will take place on the 6th of March. It is expected that in that period, the town of Rijeka will be visited by almost hundred thousand visitors and thousands of masks from all over the world. However, one should not forget many other carnival events in the area that will take place before the central parade in Rijeka and will also attract many visitors of all age groups.
On the 19th of February is the start of the Paris-Bakar masked octane rally on the route Rijeka – Kostrena – Bakar. As always, the audience will have the chance to enjoy not only imaginative masked drivers, but also funny vehicles on two, four, or even three wheels. After the rally, the participants of this unique race are invited to the Octane Rally Ball that traditionally takes place at the end of the day.
The next day, that is, the 20th of February, is reserved for the selection of this year's prince and princess of the carnival. After that follows the Children Carnival Parade on the 26th of February with thousands of masked children who always attract much attention of the viewers. On the next day, the streets will be filled with masks representing historical personalities participating in the traditional Archery Costumed Tournament. The popular Pehlin Carnival and the traditional Carnival Concert of the Trsat-Rijeka Town Orchestra are also scheduled for the same day. From the 3rd to the 5th of March, Rijeka's streets, squares and other venues will host a series of other events, such as the Radio Rijeka Masked Marathon, the Carnival Games, Charity Masked cooking shows, and the Čiket Pyjama Party.
All these events will be a cheerful introduction to the announced International Carnival Parade, a large procession on the streets of Rijeka. Last year's parade included the participation of 94 groups with a total of ca. 8,000 masks from all over the world and 73 carnival floats. Judging by the experience of previous years, the number of participants is constantly increasing, so this year even more masks are expected here in Rijeka. The parade traditionally includes masks representing actual Croatian and international celebrities and political personalities, which makes this event interesting not only for local, but also for many international TV companies who do not miss the chance to report about the Rijeka Carnival to the millions of their viewers.
The atmosphere in Rijeka will be additionally boosted by the colourful taxi vehicles, which are also part of this year's carnival.