Kvarner newsletter / no 37

Adria Hunt
The first agency specialising in hunting tourism

Kvarner's first agency specialising in hunting tourism has recently opened in Punat on the island of Krk. The agency offers holiday packages and the necessary logistical support for hunting in numerous destinations all over Croatia and abroad.

Numerous hunters coming to Croatia because of the country's long tradition of hunting can now enjoy many benefits of the first agency specialising in hunting tourism. The Adria Hunt agency, opened in July 2010 in Punat on the island of Krk, offers holiday packages tailored to meet individual needs of interested hunters, which can also be booked on the Internet.
The founder of the agency, a long-time tourism professional and experienced hunter Mr. Gregor Žic, successfully combined his two passions in this new job: hunting and tourism. For tourists who share his interests, he offers attractive package holidays tailored to meet their needs.
But regardless whether you are interested in a common, reduction or trophy hunting in Croatia, or in a safari in distant, exotic countries – the owner's extensive experience is a guarantee for a professional organisation of your desired programmes. In addition, Mr. Gregor Žic visited most of the destinations, so he knows exactly what to recommend to his clients.
Being the only agency specialising in hunting tourism in the region, Adria Hunt has the widest selection of hunting package holidays on the Croatian market. The focus is on Croatian hunting destinations, which is quite logical, since Croatia is one of the few countries with a hunting tradition dating back more than 120 years ago. This is partly due to the rich flora and fauna, but also to the quality hunting infrastructure and the fact that Croatia is home to some of the biggest European predators (bear, wolf and lynx).
Unlike other competing European regions, Croatia as a hunting destination can offer a unique combination of hunting and family holiday at sea.
In addition to the selection of Croatia and European hunting grounds, the agency also organises hunting programmes in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Turkey, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Canada and several African countries.