Kvarner newsletter / no 37

Gillette Carnival Snowboard Session 2011
Snowboarders move again to the sea

On the 5th of February, the Karolina Riječka Quay, Rijeka's popular seaside promenade located right in the city's harbour, is once again hosting an exciting snowboard competition under the title Gillette Carnival Snowboard Session 2011. Does it need emphasising that spectators will again have the chance to witness incredible stunts by some of Europe's best boarders in such a unique location?

On the 5th of February, the Karolina Riječka Quay, Rijeka's popular seaside promenade, will again host a big snowboarding competition – the 4th Gillette Carnival Snowboard Session, which will surely attract many visitors to Rijeka. The reason for that is not only the participation of some of the most prominent European snowboarders, but also the attractive location of this competition right by the sea – which is definitely untypical setting for this winter sport.
The organiser of this event is Rijeka's Nine Snowboard Club in collaboration with the Rijeka Tourist Board, since the competition will take place within the actual carnival events in the town.
The Gillette Carnival Snowboard Session (GCSS) is a sporting competition with selected snowboarders from all over Europe yearning to impress the audience and the jury with their tricks on the improvised snowboard rail. Last year's competition had 17 competitors from 7 countries, and this year 20 of the best European snowboarders announced their arrival to Rijeka.
Thanks to the quality of the rail and the selection of the competitors, the GCSS made it among the best European snowboard rail competitions over the last three years. Although this is a competition, the overall atmosphere, additionally enriched with the carnival events and some special surprises, is always very relaxed and cheerful. This year, in the pauses between the snowboard runs, the audience will have the chance to admire the performance of the renowned Croatian wakeboarder Igor Deranja on the sea in front of the gate. He is the first Croatian wakeboard record holder, who made it to the Guinness Book of Records at the end of the last year, after wakeboarding for 515 kilometres in 24 hours.
The competition starts at noon, and will be followed by a musical programme until early morning hours.