Kvarner newsletter / no 37

Rijeka Astronomy Centre
Is the Universe far enough?

Do you know that numerous groups of visitors from Finland, India, and even Brazil have followed the route of the stars and the universe to visit the Rijeka Astronomy Centre? Their enthusiastic support is the best proof for the quality of this centre.

Rijeka Astronomy Centre, the first and only astronomy centre in Croatia that combines the observatory and planetarium, has recently become very popular among tourists even from remote parts of the world.
The centre was opened in mid-2009 and was visited last year by groups of tourists from many European countries but also from the USA, India etc., and was also one of the main subjects of a Brazilian TV programme about Croatia. All these people came here by recommendation to experience something new and unique, because some of the questions posed by the centre are: Do You Dream About Distant Journeys, and Is Space Far Enough?
Rijeka Astronomy Centre, which is managed by the Rijeka Sport company, is one of the rare institutions in this part of Europe where visitors can observe both real and "recorded" stars. It includes an observatory with a large telescope, where – depending on weather conditions – visitors can observe celestial bodies with expert help of the centre's professionals. On the other hand, the centre's digital planetarium is the venue of various show-presentations using the latest digital technology to project picture on the 8-metre spherical dome. The centre also includes several halls for lectures, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, concerts and multimedia workshops, and a cafe bar and terrace with a view of the Kvarner Bay. These are all venues of a series of quality programmes for various target groups, which are also offered in foreign languages during the season.
In addition to being the only centre with both observatory and digital planetarium in the region, its staff has recently made some important discoveries – two variable stars. If we consider that the centre has only been opened one year and a half, this is a remarkable achievement. But the surprises do not end here.
At the beginning of 2010, Rijeka Astronomy Centre has become member of the IPS International Planetarium Society, and has already gained great recognition. Among approximately 700 IPS's members from 35 countries, Rijeka Astronomy Centre gained special acknowledgement for the excellent organisation of the last year's Planetarium Day, which was the first time this event was organised in Croatia.
Therefore, if you are a fan of celestial bodies, or if you would like to learn something more about space, we recommend a visit to the Rijeka Astronomy Centre, which is located at the Sveti Križ hill, next to the Rijeka Bypass Road and the Rijeka-Zagreb Highway. An additional reason to visit this centre are events that are organised in the planetarium on special occasions such as the Night at the Museum, the Astronomy Day, the Science Day, the Festival of Science, Musical evenings, etc.