Kvarner newsletter / no 38

Rijeka Astronomy Centre
Wide-ranging programme to mark International Planetarium Day

In addition to the regular programme in the Rijeka Astronomy Centre, which runs throughout March every week from Tuesday to Saturday, particularly interesting will be the events organised for the second year in a row to mark International Planetarium Day on the 19th of March.

The Rijeka Astronomy Centre has prepared a varied programme to mark this year's International Planetarium Day on the 19th of March. On that day, the centre's digital planetarium, the only of its kind in Croatia, will host a varied programme that will last from 11 in the morning until 10 in the evening. The programme will follow the same concept as in the last year, which is important to know, because last year this programme was awarded as one of the best in the world by the International Planetarium Society (IPS). Rijeka Astronomy Centre is member of that society since 2010. On the 19th of March, visitors to the centre will have the opportunity to learn more about the universe through several presentations and screening, including the show presentation "My First Look into the Sky", a presentation by centre's experts "Planetarium as a time machine", films "Race to the Earth" and "Two Small Pieces of Glass", presentation "Small Bodies in the Solar System", film „Mission: Mars“, show presentation "Guide through the Night Sky: Spring", and video instrumental performance "Space and Music". Visitors are also invited to the exhibition entitled "Cosmic Cycle" by the recently deceased painter and explorer of the earth, sea and space Boris Mardešić.
On other days in March, the Rijeka Astronomy Centre will present one or two items from this programme.
The presentation "My First Look in the Sky" reveals some important facts about the northern sky and teaches us how to recognise the brightest star of all – Polaris or the North Star, and three popular constellations – Ursa Major (the Great Bear), Ursa Minor (the Little Bear) and Cassiopeia. Other presentations and films will also teach us something about the secrets of our Solar System in an interactive way.