Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Ravna Gora
Coming soon: winter sports centre and hotel

After opening Fancy Club, a modern cafe in Ravna Gora in the region of Gorski kotar, and in which guests can taste delicious cakes, ice cream and top-quality Istrian wines in a pleasant atmosphere, a businessman from Rijeka, Giorgio Cerin, plans to build Finnish wooden houses, Honka, in a part of Ravna Gora known as Suhi vrt. The houses will be available for rent from this summer.

The first two houses should later be followed by ten more Honka houses, which should add to the tourist attractions of Gorski kotar and become the core of a future small winter sports centre.
Before summer, the Fancy Club will have an alpine-style terrace, and by autumn a tavern should be ready to receive up to 20 guests.

As a mountain enthusiast, Giorgio Cerin intends to make the region of Gorski kotar more attractive to visitors, to extend the tourist season and entice numerous visitors from Croatia and abroad to Gorski kotar.
Another of his goals is to open a small winter sports centre and a 40-room 4-star hotel with a wellness centre in Kupjak. The hotel should be finished by the end of next year.

In cooperation with local authorities, and with the aim of aiding the development of tourism in Gorski kotar, Cerin has decided to buy a snow-groomer vehicle for the Ravnogorac Ski Club. The snowcat will be used for grooming ski and cross-country trails that will be used not only by professional sportsmen but also by tourists visiting the area, traditionally associated with Nordic skiing.
Following trends in tourism, Gorski kotar is swiftly developing both winter and summer tourism. A great advantage of this mountainous region is its location only a few dozen kilometres from one of the world's most beautiful seas – the Adriatic.