Kvarner newsletter / no 38

Which frog can jump the farthest?

Lokve, a small town in the heart of Gorski kotar, has become famous for – among other things – frogs, which have become a kind of a symbol of this town. To learn more about this, we suggest visiting Frog Night, which takes place on the 30th of April.

Whose frog will jump the farthest, will it be within the required time limit or will it be disqualified? Who will be the overall winner after three rounds of competition? It could be you, provided you decide to take part in the traditional Frog Night that will take place on the 30th of April in Lokve in Gorski kotar. Apart from this competition, the event dedicated to frogs will include a week of gastronomic specialities and a Frog Night for children on the 1st of May.
Frogs have long been the symbol of Lokve, a quaint small town in the Gorski kotar area, which also hosts the unique Frog Museum where visitors can learn more about these amphibians and their development from eggs to adult forms, and enhance their knowledge by watching documentary movies and videos, and listening to audio recordings. The museum also includes a vivarium with various specimens of local frogs.
But let's go back to the highlight of the event, the Frog Night.
The number of the competitors depends on how many frogs have previously been caught.  The competition has three rounds, during which the competing frogs have to jump within the given time frame of 60 seconds. Two best jumps are taken into consideration, and the awards go to the best three competitors.
Since the rules of the competition provide that frogs must not be stimulated to jump by touching them, but only by shouting and making other loud noises, you can imagine the excitement during this competition. The whole story is repeated on the next day during the frog competition for children. What is most important – after the competition, the frogs are returned to their natural habitat.
This event will be accompanied by a special one-week gastronomic offer.