Kvarner newsletter / no 39

Town of Krk and the Municipality of Evere-Bruxelles
Agreement on cooperation and friendship

After two years of preparation, the Town of Krk and the Municipality of Evere in Brussels have officially become partners, with many mutually useful projects already being planned for the future.

On a recent visit to Brussels, Kvarner's town of Krk and Brussels' municipality of Evere have signed an agreement on cooperation and friendship. This agreement is the result of two years of preparations with the aim of improving their cooperation and launching joined projects in the future. The agreement was signed by the mayor of Krk Mr. Darijo Vasilić and the mayor of the Municipality of Evere Mr. Rudi Vervoort. The delegation of Krk used this opportunity to present Krk's tourism offer, original services, and the island in general to their new partners.
The presentation was jointly prepared by Mr. Ivan Novak, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board office in Brussels, Ms. Nataša Jurina, director of the Town of Krk Tourism Office, and Mr. Daniel Steevens, Belgian tourist journalist, expert in Croatian tourism and winner of the prestigious Golden Pencil award by the Croatian National Tourist Board for his extraordinary contribution to the promotion of Croatian tourism.
The presentation of Krk included the speech of Mr. Rudi Vervoort, the mayor of Evere, who shared his own experience of a visit to the island of Krk with the present journalists and tour operators.
Apart from Krk's extensive tourism offer, the presentation also displayed some of the island's most distinguished gastronomic highlights – the Krk cheese, pršut dry-cured ham, olive oil, and the indispensable wine, Vrbnička Žlahtina. At the end of the evening, several lucky winners won vouchers for the 7-day holiday in the town of Krk, sponsored by the Zlatni otok, Hoteli Krk and Kamp Bor companies.
The cooperation of the new partners will soon result in a better communication among local people, exchange of experiences, and new joint projects.