Kvarner newsletter / no 39

Hostel Rijeka
Many reasons for celebration

Rijeka Youth Hostel has more than its fifth anniversary to celebrate this year – for this property has received the prestigious HI-Quality certificate as one of Europe's best 250 hostels. The number of visitors who have stayed in the hostel has already exceeded all expectations.

Since it was opened five years ago, the Rijeka Youth Hostel continues to attract numerous visitors, especially young ones. The hostel, which is located in the Pećine area, only twenty minutes' walk from the centre of the town, is the winner of the prestigious international HI-Quality hostel quality certificate, which means that it offers high-quality accommodation for young visitors in Rijeka.
This year the hostel is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Since it was first opened, it was visited by more than 30 thousand people who made more than 50 thousand overnight stays, which is in accordance with the average length of stay of young people in one town. Approximately two thirds of visitors came from abroad – mostly France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Hungary, but also from some distant countries, such as the USA, New Zealand or Australia.
It can be assumed that the increased popularity of Rijeka among young visitors is the result of the existence of this hostel. After receiving the aforementioned quality certificate, the Rijeka Youth Hostel was automatically listed among 250 best hostels in Europe within the Hostelling International network, which resulted in an increased popularity of this venue not only in Croatia, but also across Europe. This is no wonder, because young visitors are known for their mobility, curiosity to discover new destinations, and the fact that they tend to visit many various locations in a short period of time.
The hostel disposes of 61 beds in rooms of various sizes – from double to 8-bed rooms. The Hostel is furnished in a modern style with many bathrooms, own kitchen and restaurant, and a large terrace in a nice small park surrounding the building. There are also a large living room, a TV room, and an internet corner.