Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Vunarice from Gorski kotar
A unique tradition of the Mrkopalj area

Vunarice from Gorski kotar is an association of women who create original, traditional wool souvenirs of Gorski kotar. Their clothes, fashion details and pictures are much sought after. Guests staying at the Hotel Jastreb in Begovo Razdolje over the holidays had the chance to learn more about their creations.

The Vunarice is a group of eight women from Mrkopalj who gather once a week in the School of Peace with the support of the Municipality of Mrkopalj. They are members of the Božur Association from Karlovac, the first independent women's association in Croatia, which helps them to present their work throughout Croatia.
Their creations include products made of natural fleece wool, which are coloured in an eco-friendly way. The association has extended its range of products and now offers unique knitted and crocheted products.
The Vunarice will present their creations at the 46th Peace Memorial – 26 Frozen Partisans – which will take place from the 22nd until the 24th of February in Mrkopalj.

With the aim of presenting their wool products, the Vunarice intend to open a permanent exhibition in the School of Peace, which will be sure to increase the appeal of Mrkopalj to tourists.
Vunarice have recently started collaboration with the Sungerski lug Association with the aim of achieving better promotion of the Mrkopalj area. Sungerski lug is an association aiming for a happier and better life in Sunger, whose activities include trying to maintain the ecological protection of the area of Sungerski lug, the fostering of local customs, traditional architecture of the region, and everything connected to the rural development of the Mrkopalj area.