Kvarner newsletter / no 39

Diving locations in the immediate vicinity of the town

Compared with many famous diving destinations, Rijeka has another really unique advantage – all on the same day, divers can explore as many as nine attractive diving locations within easy reach of the town, at relatively low depths that are also considered suitable for amateurs. (more)

Even on the coldest winter days, divers from all over the world dived almost every day into cold blue sea at a distance of only one hundred metres from Rijeka's waterfront. They were exploring as many as nine attractive dive sites (four ships – two in one site, and six walls) located in the immediate vicinity of the town. These sites have been very popular with divers for a long time. Because they are located so close to the town, one can say that Rijeka is one of the most attractive diving destinations in the entire region. Not only do we speak about sunken ships of great historical importance, but also about the fact that all nine sites can be explored in one day. This is the reason why Rijeka stands out among similar destinations in Croatia and worldwide.
The first two ships – Sigrid and Elhawi Star – are located directly in front of the town's main promenade, the Korzo, at a distance of only ca. hundred metres from the coast. This site is easily accessible from the centre of the town, and the depths are suitable even for amateurs. Sigrid was sunken in 1977 on the outer side of the Rijeka breakwater. However, because of some rescue attempts, only one half of this ship can today be found lying on the seabed. The bow is lying diagonally at a depth of ca. 35 metres; the most prominent part of the hull is at a depth of 18 metres, and the top of the mast is at ca. 16 metres – which means it is easily accessible also for snorkelling. This ship used to be 72 metres long, and sailed under the flag of Cyprus.
Elhawi Star, a ship under the flag of Saudi Arabia, was sunken in 1982 (inexplicably in the middle of the day in fair weather). It was 100.6 metres long and now it lies at a depth between 27 and 42 metres (right side).
The third dive site is located at the entrance to Martinščica on the island of Cres and can be reached on boat with optional expert support by local divers. This site hides two ships that the German navy used for landing, and now they are lying at a depth of 10 to 18 metres. When the sea is calm, one can see them from the surface. One is turned upside down, and the other is lying diagonally over it. Because of the relatively low depth, this site can also be reached by amateurs or by snorkelling.
The aforementioned walls overgrown with algae are located in the sea off Rijeka between Pećine and Preluk at a depth of ca. 45 metres.