Kvarner newsletter / no 39

April delicacies in Mali Lošinj
Go for a walk, enjoy some fine recipes, take a peek into the past…

Lošinj's famous events in April culminate with some very attractive programmes. Enjoy the festival of local cuisine, admire the Croatian Apoxyomenos statue, follow the new Trail of the Dolphins, and experience the full beauty of this unique island…

Mali Lošinj's famous projects "With Lošinj Sails around the World" and "Apoxyomenos" are running throughout the year. However, central events related to these projects take place right now in April.
To start with, in the period from the 8th to the 22nd of April, Mali Lošinj will host the 5th Lošinj Cuisine Festival. Fifteen restaurants from all over the island will offer specialities from the renowned food festival entitled "With Lošinj Sails around the World" with special emphasis on recipes from the "golden era" of the Lošinj history. On the 15th of April, all these dishes and restaurant will be presented on Mali Lošinj's main square.
After the end of this interesting food festival, a new event will start on the 22nd of April. The Apoxyomenos and Antiquity Festival will run until the 29th of April and will include archaeological diving and a presentation of antique jewellery and antique hairstyles. Guests in Lošinj's hotels will have the opportunity to select from a variety of attractive programmes including Roman baths and massages. A special programme will also be offered in the Lošinj Museum, where visitors will have the chance to learn more about the Apoxyomenos statue and how it was discovered in the waters off the island of Lošinj… Visitors interested in the scientific aspect of this story are invited to the "Underwater archaeology and the finding of the bronze Apoxyomenos statue" conference on the 10th of May.
On the 16th of April is the start of the first hiking marathon under the title "On the Trail of the Dolphins". The main scope of this event is to promote the walking trail that leads from the small harbour of St. Martin to the cove of Valdarka. It is in the waters off this area of Lošinj that schools of dolphins are spotted most frequently. Will they be there during the marathon, it is difficult to say, but regardless of that, visitors will surely enjoy beautiful spring landscapes and the views of Punta Križa, the small islands of Palacol and Oruda, and the islands of Rab and Pag with the mighty Velebit massif in the distance. The marathon is suitable for hikers of all age groups.