Kvarner newsletter / no 39

Grobnik – Čavle
Bicycle marathon in Grobnik

Croatia's most famous motorcycle racetrack is located in Grobnik in the hinterland of Rijeka. On the 23rd of April, Grobnik is hosting a big cycling marathon. Everybody is invited to take part in this most enjoyable recreational and charity event. (more)

After the great success of the 2010 race, more than 200 participants are expected to take part in this year's Grobnik Bicycle Marathon on the 23rd of April. The route is ca. ten kilometres longer than in the last year – now it leads thorough the areas of three municipalities (Čavle, Jelenje, and Klana).
The area of Grobnik is best known for its famous motorcycle speedway. However, this time we are not speaking about powerful cars or motorcycles, but rather about a recreational cycling tour. If you want to take part, you are cordially invited to take part in this cycling event, the XC Marathon Grobnik – Lisac 2011. A part of the income from this beneficial competition will be given for charity aimed at providing medical help for one local inhabitant. The organisers hope that this will be additional reason for a good attendance of this event.
This marathon will also provide a great chance to visit some of the most attractive spots in the local area. For those who decide to stay a few days longer, let us mention that on the 1st of May Čavle will host a wine festival that will include sampling some of the best wines from all over Croatia, and visits to some of the most famous locations in the Grobnik area – the ancient castle and the Sv. Križ vantage point.