Kvarner newsletter / no 39

Relaxation for both body and mind

If you are looking for some interesting holiday packages, the resort of Baška on the island of Krk is offering some packed programmes in May. A true holiday for both body and mind!

The programme entitled "May in Baška – relaxation for body and mind" includes three weekend package holidays in May, designed to make full use of amenities and services in Baška.
The title of the first weekend package (29th April – 1st May) is Biking & Hiking & Wellness. It includes a biking excursion, hiking on some of Baška's 19 hiking trails, and visits to various sights in the area, like the church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor with a replica of the famous Baška Tablet, or the Glagolitic Path with 35 sculptures shaped as Glagolitic letters across Baška Valley.
The title of the second weekend package (6th – 8th May) is Indoor & Outdoor Wellness. It includes a glass bottom boat excursion to the island of Prvić (the biggest uninhabited island in the Adriatic that has been protected as a natural ornithological reserve since 1972), then a cooking workshop dedicated to preparing pasta to original recipes of the area, and a variety of wellness & relaxation services. Like the previous programme, this one too includes a guided tour of Baška and sampling original products of the area.
The third weekend package (27th – 29th May), the Soft Adventure in Baška, includes a walking tour alongside the riverbed of Vela rika (the only river on the island of Krk with permanent stream), a guided hiking tour to some archaeological sites, visits to various cultural sites and the biggest aquarium on the island of Krk, a guided tour of Baška, and sampling original products of the area, such as honey or sage tea.
All three weekend packages in May include a guided tour of the old part of the town with visits to the local museum, ethno-house and aquarium. In addition, local associations and societies will prepare a small fair with typical products of the area. Visitors are also invited to the Baška wellness centre and to sample original products of the region such as wine, brandy, or honey.
From Easter to the end of May, this special offer will also include a selection of dishes prepared by local restaurants. Particularly interesting are various lamb dishes, and the choice of local wines, including the famous .