Kvarner newsletter / no 39

TURS 2011
Enjoy your holiday safely and peacefully

For a truly enjoyable holiday, safety is very important. It is no wonder that entire teams of experts take care of personal safety of visitors to Kvarner, making sure that they experience no inconveniences whatsoever during their stay on Kvarner. The more invisible these safety experts are, the more successful the result of their work…

TURS 2011 is the title of a series of activities undertaken by the Police Department of the County of Primorje and Gorski kotar aimed at ensuring a safe and pleasant holiday to all the visitors who are staying in the Kvarner region. The main goal of these activities is to prevent illegal acts and improve public safety. Daily operational tasks include protecting life, rights and safety of all people, protecting public order and peace, preventing criminal acts and offences, protecting people at sea, and ensuring road safety. In summer months, when tourist traffic in coastal areas and on the islands is at its peak, local policemen will be helped by their colleagues from other parts of Croatia, but also – on the basis of signed contracts and protocols on international police cooperation – from abroad.
The efficiency of their activities is illustrated by experiences from previous years and the fact that in summer 2010, the number of offences such as traffic accidents, violation of public peace and order, thefts etc. was lower than in the year before.