Kvarner newsletter / no 40

Love cherries?

How do you like cherries? For fans of this fruit, a visit in June to Lovran, a resort on the Opatija Riviera, is well worth making. This is because the cherries of Lovran are known to be particularly beautiful and tasty, so your hosts will be very imaginative in preparing the sweets and events dedicated to this fruit.

The 11th Cherries Festival in Lovran is a traditional event that this year runs from the 11th to the 19th of June. On the first day of the festival, visitors to Lovran's central town square will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh cherries, taste various cakes made with them, or buy original local souvenirs. The evening programme will include cutting a large strudel made with Lovran cherries, and a performance of folklore ensembles. It is worth emphasising that during the festival, many eating establishments in Lovran, Opatija and along the Opatija Riviera will also be offering various sweets made with cherries.
Lovran cherries, which are most similar to the Lambert sort, are famous for their quality and rich flavour, and are recognisable for their size, colour and sweetness. Apart from cherries, the Lovran area is also known for high-quality sweet chestnuts that thrive here. A festival dedicated to this delicious fruit takes place every autumn.