Kvarner newsletter / no 40

Enjoying nature
Come to the 1st Grobnik Trekking

On Saturday the 14th of May, the 1st Grobnik Trekking race in nature takes place in the area around Grobnik and in the Grobnik Alps. Everyone is welcome and one thing is guaranteed – all participants will have terrific fun.

Spring is definitely the best season for enjoying nature. If you come to Kvarner, make sure to visit Gorski kotar, the wonderful green hinterland of Rijeka. If you are also interested in some adrenaline experience, we recommend the 1st Grobnik Trekking on the 14th of May. The race starts and finishes in the village of Podkilavac in the municipality of Donje Jelenje (14 kilometres from Rijeka) and leads through the beautiful areas of the Grobnik Alps and River Rječina.
The Grobnik Alps have long been popular among nature lovers, and the closeness to the town of Rijeka make them ideal destination for day trips. Many visitors have already explored this area and return there again every year. Now they will for the first time have the chance to climb its paths and peaks together with other participants of this exciting race. The Grobnik area abounds in hills and peaks more than 1000 metres high. The highest two peaks are Obruč (1377 m) and Fratar (1353 m). Apart from them, there are many other peaks - Suhi vrh, Osoje, Dnić, Vidalj, Ćunina glava. The area also abounds in natural attractions, some of which are rather inaccessible. But this is what makes them particularly attractive. One of them is the wild, rugged wooded valley of Pakleno. It is located among the peaks and their rocky slopes, which, looking from below, looks rather impressive.
The race will lead through these areas and will be divided into three categories. The first category, Ultra, is 38 to 45 kilometres long and physically most demanding. The Sport category is much easier – its length is between 18 and 25 kilometres, and it includes a part of the route of the Ultra category. The easiest category, Hiking, will probably have the largest attendance. It is ca. 12 kilometres long and includes a rather relaxed schedule – asparagus picking on marked hiking trails that lead to the Hahlić mountain hut. In the hut, there will be refreshment with famous specialities from the Grobnik area – potato polenta and Grobnik cheese.