Kvarner newsletter / no 3

Restaurant Bevanda Opatija  
A selection of wines from all over the world

Wine connoisseurs have a new place where they can treat themselves: the renowned restaurant Bevanda in Opatija now offers some of the world's finest wines.

The renowned restaurant Bevanda, in a very attractive location in Opatija – on a small promontory surrounded by the sea and park – now offers some of the world’s finest, priceless wines.

The new owner of this renowned restaurant invited to join them the Croatian sommelier voted the best in 2007, Branko Muždek, who has created a valuable wine list comprising almost all wines presently imported into Croatia, including some of the world’s finest wines from Tuscany, Australia and Chile. Also available are top-quality sparkling wines, such as those from Bordeaux, and a whole range of Croatia’s most renowned wines.

The investment in top-quality wines so far amounts to more than 150 thousand euros. But this is only the beginning, and therefore, one can expect that the wine list will soon be even more valuable.

The restaurant offers more than 250 renowned wines, and the record for an individual price is currently held by a three-litre bottle of the sparkling wine Kristal, which is offered at a price of 30 thousand kuna. Such a valuable selection requires appropriate storage, which is why the restaurant Bevanda has installed the first ‘wine safe’ in Croatia, which is burglar-safe and specially designed for the storage of a total of 1,500 bottles of top-quality wines.